Everlasting Love Story Films. Modernize your old wedding video.

Hi! I’m Abraham  : ) 

I absolutely love what I do because it allows me to be super creative and witness magical moments but nothing makes me more excited than when I hear back from couples.

Many times after delivering the Wedding Love Story film to our couples, I heard great comments from the parents about the wedding film and the number one thing they all said was,  “I wish I had a video like that of my own wedding!”.

This is why I created The Everlasting Love Story Film Package, where we convert and re-edit your super long wedding film from many years ago, into a modern and cinematic 4-5 Minute Love Story.

What's most important for me is that you are moved emotionally by your film. That you cry happy tears, laugh uncontrollably, and that you feel like you felt on your wedding day and a little bit more. But this is different! It is rare that you get to share your new wedding film with your own children, and for some even their grandchildren!

Abraham Mercado

Founder of Lotus 7 Films

Photo By Masson Liang Photography


Pick up or Deliver Older Film

Convert into Editable Format

Edit New Love Story Film

Enjoy and share with family

Once you reserve the Everlasting Love Story Film Package, we will call you to discuss the pick up or delivery of your older wedding film to prepare it for conversion into a digital format. If you are located in South Florida, we much rather pick it up in person, for no additional charge to ensure it gets to the right place! We will then convert the wedding film for us to create the film. We accept VHS, Betamax Vhs-c, Hi-8, Video8, Mini-DV, DVD, and other types of formats. 

Once we take a look at the old tape, we will analyze to see if it can be converted. If not, we will return you the deposit.  If we can, we will let you know that we will be moving forward to the creation of the Love Story Film.

If your older video was 1, 2, 3, or even 4 hours long, it should have plenty of material for us to take and create a 4-5 minute Love Story film. It will follow a similar flow, energy, and style as the Love Story Films we make for our present day couples when we film their wedding!

Everlasting Love Story Package

Conversion of Older Film Into Digital Copy (Online Link)

Older Film as is in a digital format

Re-edit of film into 4-5 Minute Love Story Wedding Film

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