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Since this is a very new product you must have tons of questions, and that's okay!

From how it works, to how long it takes to produce, most of your questions may be answered in the guide below. 

I am always available to answer any other questions as well! Just give me a call or text me! : )

What video formats do you accept to convert?

In order for us to create your Love Story Film, we must first convert the older version of the tape, into an editable format. The types of formats we accept to convert to are: Vhs, Vhs-c, Hi-8, Video8, Digital8, Mini-DV, Super-8mm or

Where do you pick up from? 

If you live in South Florida, we would love to coordinate a pick up or drop off with you to make sure the tapes get into the correct hands. Anywhere from Boca Raton, to Weston, to Brickell, we would pick up the video. If you will be in the Aventura or Davie area, it would be best to arrange a drop off time with us. 

If you live outside the South Florida area, you can ship the tapes to us at your own risk. Please make sure the tapes are properly and safely packed with bubble wrap to protect them during shipping. Our shipping address will be on the invoice. Once you ship the tapes, please make sure you share the tacking information with us so we can be on the lookout for the package. 

How long is the Love Story Wedding Film ? 

Long gone are the days of the 2 hour wedding video you only watch once, after all, that is why you are here! That is why I created the Everlasting Love Story Package, to transform you old and long wedding film, into a short modern and cinematic wedding film. The Love Story Wedding Film is 5 minutes. We can tell a captivating love story in as little as 5 minutes. Many times we hear from our couples after delivering the Love Story Video, "HOW DID YOU GET EVERYTHING IN THE FILM?!". 

What if you can't convert the tape ? 

Unfortunately, tapes are not like fine wine and do damage over time. Once we have the tapes in our possession, we will do everything in our power to be able to convert the tape to create the Everlasting Love Story Film. However, if the tape is severely damaged and we are not able to convert the majority of the film, we would refund the money and return the tapes. 

How long does the entire process take?

From the moment we are able to get the tapes into conversion, it would take 4-6 weeks to complete the editing process and send the new video! 

Do you use the audio?

Depending on the quality of the film and how they recorded the audio originally, we may be able to use some of the audio from the original film.

What music do you use? 

It is very important for us to use music that can transcend time. That is why we use cinematic music that we can buy the license to. We have made huge investments to music subscription websites that allow us to pick the best cinematic music for your wedding video. We always pick music that will drive the emotion in the video to best tell your story and music that matches YOUR personality and energy.  

How is the new wedding film delivered? 

As we bring your wedding video into the current times, so too you must experience it the new way. The new 5 minute Love Story film, will come in a beautiful wedding video album that when opened, begins playing your video automatically with sound . It looks like a mini video player that comes inside a stunning "book". No more looking for a VHS player! 

Here is an image of what they look like! 

In addition, we will send the video in an online link for you to enjoy. Your original film converted will also be available via the same link. 

Feeling the butterflies?! Awesome! 

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