Since this is most likely your first time planning a wedding, you must have a ton of questions about videography and how we work.

Don't worry! I created this short guide that explains a lot of what we do as Lotus 7 Films along with some friendly advice. 

I am always available to answer any other questions as well! Just give me a call or text me! : )

How many people film the wedding?

All wedding packages from Lotus 7 Films include two videographers for your special day. I believe that by having two people, it allows us to be more flexible and creative to get as many shots and angles as we can. It also allows us to more faster from one location to another, set up faster, and in turn spend more time filming with you and your guests

Do you travel? 

Absolutely! We love traveling with our couples to their destination wedding or to where they live. We have been blessed to film weddings in St. Barths, Bogota (Colombia), Cartagena (Colombia), Mexico City (Mexico) and Chicago, Illinois. We have also filmed all the way from Palm Beach to the Florida Keys.

What music do you use? 

It is very important for us to use music that can transcend time. That is why we use cinematic music that we can buy the license to. We have made huge investments to music subscription websites that allow us to pick the best cinematic music for your wedding video. We always pick music that will drive the emotion in the video to best tell your story and music that matches YOUR personality and energy.  

How long is the wedding video? 

Long gone are the days of the 2 hour wedding video you only watch once. We have been very careful to plan our packages to best fit what our couples want and have told us in the past. The short teaser is 1 minute, the Love Story Wedding Highlights  are 4-5 minutes, and the Forever and Ever Films range between 20-30 minutes. We can tell a captivating love story in as little as 5 minutes. Many times we hear from our couples after delivering the Love Story Video, "HOW DID YOU GET EVERYTHING!". 

Do you record the audio?

Since our inception, we have always been very meticulous in the way we capture audio. That is why we always try to connect to the soundboard if the DJ allows, and we also mic up the groom and officiant (if allowed) for backup purposes. 

Should we have an unplugged wedding?

We absolutely recommend it and know that your photographer will thank you as well. It is super important that guests not get in the way of the professionals who you have hired to get the best shots. After all, we want to see their beautiful smiles, not covered by their phones. LIVE IN THE MOMENT! 

Do you have insurance?

Absolutely! Most venues request certificate of liability showing $1 million in coverage. We are well covered!

Feeling the butterflies?! Awesome! 

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